This adorable girl appears to lab mixed with another breed giving her a tall, slender appearance. Laney may have arrived quiet and timid, but this gal has blossomed out of her shell. She’s at the front her kennel, paws up, tail-wagging, ready for some attention from you. She loves toys and splashing around in a kiddie pool. Laney is learning to walk on a leash, with a little patience and guidance, she’ll get there with leash manners. She’s excited to be out and about, so tries to run a bit in circles and different directions on a leash to see everything that is going on at our busy shelter. She wants to be part of the activity now that she feels secure in a place with people that care about her.

Laney may have had a rough start in life, but she’s on the mend. She possibly had an injury to her right ear that wasn’t treated, but it adds to her charming looks! Her coiled tail also adds to her charming looks. This gal would benefit from learning the rules of the house from another young dog in your home. She loves toys and recently learned “sit”. She’s trainable and would enjoy being a companion to another playful member of your home.


please contact Kelly at if interested in adopting